Conceived for the electrified transportation market, our innovative bidirectional charger efficiently charges the battery from an electrical grid or other source of renewable energy. In addition, it returns stored energy to the grid or residence as per the directives of the smart grid.

Our product enables V2G and V2H concepts. It offers optimal battery charging and discharging performance to ensure its maximum durability.

  • 4.3kW bidirectional power
  • High efficiency charger
  • Ultra compact form factor
  • Adapted to all kinds of transportation : automobile, bus, motorcycle


V2G : Vehicle to Grid

Vehicles equipped with our bidirectional charger reduce load variation on the grid. Within a global approach to sustainable development, this technology levels the variable productivity of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. In the absence of these natural ressources (wind, sun, ...), vehicles equipped with our charger will be able to return electric energy on the grid.


  • Grid load balancing
  • Enables peak power shaving
  • Contributes to the integration of renewable energies
  • Reduces electricity consumption
  • Transforms cars as energy reservoirs

V2H : Vehicle to Home

Vehicles equipped with our bidirectional charger is used as an energy source in emergency situations when the grid is not available. In case of disaster, a fleet of buses equipped with our technology becomes an emergency battery unit for the community.


  • Powers your house when the network is unavailable
  • Supports off the grid installations (camping areas, cottages, ...)
  • Power source for all kinds of domestic appliances

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